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The heedless and inexorable growth of mortal pastoral begins to obscure this ancient fairy grove. Come quick and pay your homage, dear Fae, while you still can!

Whithermere lies within the Realm of Rosehaven – 15 regions – described as a land of magic and dreams. The living embodiment of imagination and creativity, where humans, elves, fae, shapeshifters, and other creatures can peacefully coexist among the mist-covered lands.

Currently it is Summer, (although Autumn/Fall is about to descend!), and the hidden gem that is Whithermere buzzes with life under a thick canopy of leaves and foilage.

Proud to call the Realm of Rosehaven my home I drift through the sun dappled glades of neighbour Dargason L’Ardente. Her Whithermere is nothing short of a masterpiece in SL landscaping – almost impossible to photograph without discovering something not previously spied.

The juxtaposition of landscaping elements, natural forms and insect life literally blew me away!

Dargason L’Ardente is available for landscaping projects please contact her by inworld IM or notecard. For more on Rosehaven please visit and to visit Whithermere directly see here:

Please come and see the Realm in its entirety. You can walk, ride, fly or sail around 15 regions of incredibly well designed and beautiful fantasy themes observant of all four seasons.

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