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Whilst it is fair to say each region of Fantasy Faire is well done it would be unfair not to clarify that some of the regions are mindblowingly good.

A trip to the Faire is a given for myself, (I applied for blogger status this year but didn’t get in 😦 ) however within the hustle of RL and a chock full of avatars lag situation – I managed to take some snapshots of my quick whirl around the event! ( taking photos of the Faire when there are people in it is challenging to say the least )

I’ve chosen to snapshot a few of my favourite regions – not all – and purposefully leave out the links and info to each one so that you can go there and discover yourself and make a contribution to RFL.

One thing you will definitely need to explore the Faire is the Teleport HUD – further details about the Faire and how to find it at the end of this post!

More info on the Faire here :


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