Traditional Bellisseria Linden Home – Winchester

I was lucky enough to get the chance to name an upcoming region of Bellisseria so whilst I wait for this to show up on the map I have been experimenting with all of the other themes and temporary decor.

Yesterday I landed this traditional home in Kirbee on the banks of the Canal and overlooking Millbank at the back. Many know Millbank for the strange and unusual builds that show up there from time to time – surprises from the Lindens – so I figure it will be quite an interesting place to lay my head awhile – I was fighting many tentacled monsters here last Halloween.

So far the landscaping has been done the interior is empty. I added Blush Bravin’s sun room and a variety of rocks and ferns. There is one pool at the front and another at the back with waterfall.

Unsure yet where to go with the interior but I imagine a telescope on the back balcony to keep an eye on the “staging area” might not be a bad idea 🙂


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