Camper by The Sea – Bellisseria Linden Home Jewel Tones

For this sea camper in the beautiful Carcossa region I chose darker jewel tones for the interior with an Arabian feel – I added an oval stone deck with scripted lights to cover up a little of the sandy area, (sand = my nemesis).

As a departure from my beloved Williamsburg model I opted for my second favourite style the Colorado. Tiny though it is one can usually fit an impressive amount inside. I usually use the large porch area as a living room this time adding the Heritage Woodburner from Apple Fall and an Arabian mirror from Bee Designs. Lisp Bazaar provide the rain or Shine table and chairs.

Purple and blue green landscaping comes from HPMD plus sparkling ivy ground cover from Lunaria, (bought from the recent Home & Garden Expo). For a little fantasy and the lack of Linden butterflies I put in some Boho Fae Island Sprites made by The Looking Glass.

A lot of the interior pieces came from Solomon’s Mine – namely all of these purple, blue and teal accents.


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