Spring 2021 – Linden Home Camper Trailer

Spring has sprung! Here are my thoughts and ideas on this season camper looks in the Williamsburg Linden Home theme.

Most followers know that I decorate better in smaller spaces and like to focus on 512 parcels where possible. For this parcel I decided to add a waterfall and pool to the front and close in with a walled gate which creates extra privacy.

A water pump feature with butterflies was added to the rear. Lots of Linden Home campers have butterflies and water views included but this one did not so I decided to experiment with the landscaping.

I used my own Raindrops on Roses partition which creates three separate living areas with the Williamsburg model. Obviously this divides what is already a small space into a set of super small spaces – not something some camper owners want – but it is perfect for those who are trying to fit a complete home into their Williamsburg.

I added a shelf to mine textured in bleached wood – great for books and trinkets.

So that is all of my 175li used up here – I imagine I will now start pruning a little and making small tweaks here and there. Although I have used great flowers from Two Moon Gardens I have just spotted Krescendo Spring Garden set and now feel the urge to try it out, such is Linden Home decorating – never done!


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